CCSM (Community Climate System Model)
Creator: UCAR/NCAR/CGD > Climate and Global Dynamics Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  [contact email: cgd AT]  [web page]
Publisher: ESG > Earth System Grid  [contact email: esg-support AT]  [web page]
Summary: The Community Climate System Model (CCSM) is a fully-coupled, global climate model that provides state-of-the-art computer simulations of the Earth's past, present, and future climate states.
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Subject: EARTH SCIENCE > Cryosphere > Sea Ice
Subject: EARTH SCIENCE > Atmosphere
Subject: EARTH SCIENCE > Oceans
Subject: EARTH SCIENCE > Solid Earth
Subject: climatology, ocean, atmosphere, ice, land
Subject: climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
Subject: climatology
Date Created: 2005-11-02
Date LastModified: 2005-11-02
Spatial Coverage: name:Global
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