We're planning to retire the Community Data Portal (CDP) after nearly 15 years of service. The most active datasets will be migrated to the Climate Data Gateway website. We tentatively plan to shutdown the CDP service by Jan 31, 2018. Please contact us with questions or concerns.
Nested Collections
Breakdown of the Polar Stratospheric Vortex
CCM2 T170 Precipitation, Cloud Fraction and Wind
CCM2 T170 Total Precipitable water
CCM3 T170 Cloud and Precipitation Simulation
CFC-11 Penetration into the Deep Ocean
Clean Air Turbulance
Climate System Model Visualizations
Compressible Convection in an Ionizing Fluid
East Asia Coastal Cyclone
Effective Atmospheric Angular Momemtum (EAAM)
El Nino
Fire Simulation with 200 Meter Hill
Fire Simulation with Dry Eucalyptus and Flat Terrain
GATE Cloud System
High-Resolution Daily U.S. Surface Weather
High Resolution Polar Night Vortex Simulation
HPCC Quasigeostrophic Turbulence
IDL Based Viewer for Geophysical Data in netCDF format (GEOV)
Lightning and Ozone Production
MM5 Simulation of Hurricane Diana Genesis
NCAR Historical Visualizations
Penetrative Turbulent Compressible Convection
Pumping of Magnetic Fields by PTCC
Sea Ice and CO2 Levels
Solar Magnetic Eruption Distrubances
Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes
Squall Line with Mesoscale Convective Vortex
Stratospheric Circulation Simulation
Sulfate Aerosol Evolution
Supercell Lightning Simulations
Temperature Differences Due to CO2
Terrain-Induced Turbulence over Lantau Island
Typhoon Herb
Universal Fire Shape and Whirls