TIGGE - THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble
Summary: TIGGE, the THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble, is a key component of THORPEX: a World Weather Research Programme to accelerate the improvements in the accuracy of 1-day to 2-week high-impact weather forecasts.

The key objectives of TIGGE are:

  • An enhanced international collaboration that has as its goal the development of ensemble predictions between cooperating operational centres and universities.
  • Developing new methods for combining ensembles from different sources and of correcting for systematic errors.
  • A deeper understanding of the contributions of observations, initial conditions, and model uncertainties to forecast errors.
  • A deeper understanding of the feasibility of interactive ensemble systems responding dynamically to changing uncertainty. This includes uses for adaptive observing, variable ensemble size, and on-demand regional ensembles.
  • Exploiting new technology for grid computing and high-speed data transfers.
  • Testing concepts of a TIGGE Prediction Centre to produce ensemble-based predictions of high-impact weather.
  • The development of a prototype future Global Interactive Forecasting System.
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