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UMRBPP Upper Air: NOAA Wind Profiler Network Hourly Winds (Merriman, NE)
Publisher: EOL Data Support  [contact email: eol-datahelp AT ucar.edu]  [web page]
Project: UMRBPP > Upper Missouri River Basin Pilot Project
Summary: This data set contains the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 405 MHZ Wind Profiler Network (WPN) hourly data from the Merriman, NE site. Data are available for the periods from 5-19 and 22-25 April 1999. The profiler was not operational from 1200 UTC 19 April to 0200 UTC 22 April and from 2300 UTC 25 April to the end of the UMRBPP period of interest and no data are available during these time periods. This data consists of a series of hourly observations, each containing approximately 64 levels of wind speed and direction data. These data were not quality controlled by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Joint Office for Science Support (UCAR/JOSS).
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