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PCM (Parallel Climate Model)
Creator: UCAR/NCAR/CGD > Climate and Global Dynamics Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  [contact email: cgd AT ucar.edu]  [web page]
Publisher: ESG > Earth System Grid  [contact email: esg-admin AT ucar.edu]  [web page]
Project: PCM > Community Climate System Model
Summary: This is a joint effort to develop a DOE-sponsored parallel climate model between Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the Naval Postgraduate School (NPG), the US Army Corps of Engineers'' Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). We have coupled the NCAR Community Climate Model version 3, the LANL Parallel Ocean Program, and a sea ice model from the Naval Postgraduate School together in a massively parallel computer environment. This is Version 1 of the PCM (PCM1). Our target machines were the CRAY T3D/T3E and SGI Origin 2000. With the close cooperation and assistance of NCAR''s Scientific Computing Division, the PCM1 model code has been ported to the Hewlett-Packard, the SGI Origin 2000, the IBM SP2, and Compaq. Based on the experience with the NCAR Climate System Model, in order to minimize the initial drift of the coupled system, the ocean/ice can be spun-up with forcing from previous CCM3 runs with prescribed ocean temperatures. This has also been useful in demonstrating and improving the kind of adjustments that occur in the ocean and ice due to coupling the CCM3, without having to run the more expensive coupled system. The full system has been in full production with several control experiments and many ensemble climate change simulations in progress and completed.
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