International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project D1 dataset
Publisher: GB/NCAS/BADC > British Atmospheric Data Centre, NERC Centres for Atmospheric Science, United Kingdom  [contact email: BADC AT]  [web page]
Summary: This data consits of the three hourly cloud products as produced for the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. ISCCP is sponsored by the World Climate Research Programme for the purpose of collecting and analyzing satellite radiance measurements to infer the global distribution of cloud radiative properties and their diurnal and seasonal variations. The data available is the ISCCP Stage D1 data (ISCCP-D1), at 280 km spatial resolution. There are 202 variables contained within the dataset, which are available at three-hourly resolution. The data available at the time of publication began in July 1983 and extends through to December 1999. The data is stored in HDF 4 format. The monthly mean D2 data is also available from the BADC. The D-series cloud products are a reanlaysis and extension of the orginal C-series products. This includes improvements to the cloud detection, radiative model and radiance calibrations. There are three major directories on this disk, one which contains the data (DATA directory), another which holds the documentation (DOCUMENT directory), and another which offers source code for reading the data. There are examples of suitable fortran and c source files as well as an IDL procedure written by the BADC. README files in each directory offer more information about their contents.
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