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Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC)
Publisher: GB/NCAS/BADC > British Atmospheric Data Centre, NERC Centres for Atmospheric Science, United Kingdom  [contact email: BADC AT rl.ac.uk]  [web page]
Summary: The BADC is the Official UK mirror site for the data of the Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC) - an international activity whose principal goal is to allow the earliest possible identification of long-term changes in the stratospheric ozone later and to establish the causes of such change. This aim is to be achieved by means of high quality measurements of a wide range of stratospheric chemical species and parameters derived from instruments operated at a number of ground stations around the world. At the moment there are five primary stations in the Arctic, Antarctica, Hawaii, New Zealand and Alpine Europe. With the exception of the New Zealand station, these are all composite stations which consist of more than one measurement site. In addition to the primary stations there are numerous complementary stations providing additional measurements. Following five years of planning, instrument design and implementation, the NDSC began network operations in January 1991. The data held at the BADC consist of vertical column abundances and vertical profiles of stratospheric parameters. These data are held in the original NASA Ames format. In addition vertical profiles of geopotential height and temperature from the NCEP analyses are available above the NDSC measurement sites.
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