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ACCENT (Atmospheric Chemistry of Combustion ions Near the Tropopause)
Project: NASA/ACCENT > NASA/Atmospheric Chemistry of Combustion Emissions Near the Tropopause (ACCENT)
Summary: The ACCENT missions were multi-agency sponsored efforts to investigate the chemistry of rocket and aircraft emissions in the upper troposphere (UT) and lower stratosphere (LS). The ACCENT missions also collected gas and aerosol data in the tropics near the tropopause and near and above hurricane Floyd.
Related Link: http://jsc-aircraft-ops.jsc.nasa.gov/wb57/missions.html
Related Link: http://espoarchive.nasa.gov/archive/arcs/accent/
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1. ACCENT_WB57_19990325.nc NetCDF NetCDF 7952 NCAR DISK
2. ACCENT_WB57_19990326.nc NetCDF NetCDF 44488 NCAR DISK
3. ACCENT_WB57_19990407.nc NetCDF NetCDF 174392 NCAR DISK
4. ACCENT_WB57_19990409.nc NetCDF NetCDF 167804 NCAR DISK
5. ACCENT_WB57_19990412.nc NetCDF NetCDF 189872 NCAR DISK
6. ACCENT_WB57_19990413.nc NetCDF NetCDF 110604 NCAR DISK
7. ACCENT_WB57_19990415.nc NetCDF NetCDF 231444 NCAR DISK
8. ACCENT_WB57_19990416.nc NetCDF NetCDF 165524 NCAR DISK
9. ACCENT_WB57_19990422.nc NetCDF NetCDF 151896 NCAR DISK
10. ACCENT_WB57_19990423.nc NetCDF NetCDF 98132 NCAR DISK
11. ACCENT_WB57_19990903.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1056976 NCAR DISK
12. ACCENT_WB57_19990908.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1027372 NCAR DISK
13. ACCENT_WB57_19990913.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1303140 NCAR DISK
14. ACCENT_WB57_19990915.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1225552 NCAR DISK
15. ACCENT_WB57_19990917.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1265952 NCAR DISK
16. ACCENT_WB57_19990920.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1351292 NCAR DISK
17. ACCENT_WB57_19990921.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1104048 NCAR DISK
18. ACCENT_WB57_19990922.nc NetCDF NetCDF 3187428 NCAR DISK
19. ACCENT_WB57_19990924.nc NetCDF NetCDF 1219884 NCAR DISK
20. ACCENT_WB57_19991004.nc NetCDF NetCDF 900076 NCAR DISK
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1-20 of 21 datafiles  | 21-21