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PEM-Tropics-A (NASA/GTE Pacific Exploratory Mission-Tropics-A)
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1. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010831.nc NetCDF NetCDF 290532 NCAR DISK
2. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010901.nc NetCDF NetCDF 352324 NCAR DISK
3. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010904.nc NetCDF NetCDF 320312 NCAR DISK
4. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010906.nc NetCDF NetCDF 288292 NCAR DISK
5. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010908.nc NetCDF NetCDF 243584 NCAR DISK
6. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010911.nc NetCDF NetCDF 283328 NCAR DISK
7. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010912.nc NetCDF NetCDF 289400 NCAR DISK
8. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010915.nc NetCDF NetCDF 245792 NCAR DISK
9. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010917.nc NetCDF NetCDF 299888 NCAR DISK
10. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010919.nc NetCDF NetCDF 360608 NCAR DISK
11. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010922.nc NetCDF NetCDF 374408 NCAR DISK
12. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010924.nc NetCDF NetCDF 299336 NCAR DISK
13. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010927.nc NetCDF NetCDF 363920 NCAR DISK
14. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20010929.nc NetCDF NetCDF 291604 NCAR DISK
15. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20011002.nc NetCDF NetCDF 299888 NCAR DISK
16. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20011004.nc NetCDF NetCDF 291608 NCAR DISK
17. PEMTROPICSA_DC8_20011006.nc NetCDF NetCDF 330800 NCAR DISK
18. PEMTROPICSA_P3_20010816.nc NetCDF NetCDF 292356 NCAR DISK
19. PEMTROPICSA_P3_20010819.nc NetCDF NetCDF 309104 NCAR DISK
20. PEMTROPICSA_P3_20010822.nc NetCDF NetCDF 281648 NCAR DISK
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1-20 of 35 datafiles  | 21-35