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High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS)
Publisher: GB/NCAS/BADC > British Atmospheric Data Centre, NERC Centres for Atmospheric Science, United Kingdom  [contact email: BADC AT rl.ac.uk]  [web page]
Summary: HIRDLS is an infrared limb-scanning radiometer designed to sound the upper troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere to determine temperature; the concentrations of O3, H2O, CH4, N2O, NO2, HNO3, N2O5, ClONO2, CFCl2, CFCl3, and aerosols; and the locations of polar stratospheric clouds and cloud tops. The goals are to provide sounding observations with horizontal and vertical resolution superior to that previously obtained; to observe the lower stratosphere with improved sensitivity and accuracy; and to improve understanding of atmospheric processes through data analysis, diagnostics, and use of two- and three-dimensional models. HIRDLS will fly on the a href= http://eos-chem.gsfc.nasa.gov/ target= _top Aura mission, part of NASAs a href= http://eospso.gsfc.nasa.gov/ target= _top Earth Observing System (EOS). HIRDLS is a joint US-UK development effort, with sponsorship by the a href= http://www.nerc.ac.uk/ target= _top British National Space Centre and the Natural Environment Research Council in the UK, and by a href= http://www.nasa.gov target= _top NASA in the US.
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