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The Community Data Portal (CDP) is a collection of earth science datasets from NCAR, UCAR, UOP, and participating organizations.

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The Community Data Portal is led by NCAR's Computational Science and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL). Support is provided through NCAR's Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Initiative (CSI) and is a collaboration among NCAR, UCAR, UOP, and the National Science Foundation. The technology base for this effort is also a collaborative effort, combining contributions from Unidata, NOAA/PMEL, DLESE, OPeNDAP, OAI, and NASA. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

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ACD : Atmospheric Chemistry Models, Data Sets and Visualization Tools
     MILAGRO : Milagro field campaign
     WACCM Model : Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model
CADIS : Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service
CGD : Climate and Global Dynamics Division
     CME : Carbon in the Mountains Experiment
CISL/DSS : Data Support Section top level catalog
CISL/ESMF : Earth System Modeling Framework Software
CISL/VETS : Visualization Gallery
CU/CIRES/ENLIL : Heliospheric Model
ECMWF : ERA40 Datasets
       Requires ECMWF group membership (Click here to request access)
EOL : Earth Observing Laboratory - Access To EOL Public Data Holdings
GB/NCAS/BADC : British Atmospheric Data Centre, OAI Harvested Datasets
GIS : NCAR GIS Projects
HAO : High Altitude Observatory
     TGCM : Thermospheric General Circulation Models
IHOPE : Integrated History of People on Earth
IPCC AR4 : Chapter 3 of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report
MMM/WRF Model : The Weather Research and Forecasting Model
       Requires CDP login and WRF membership (Click here to request access)
TIGGE : THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble, NCAR Portal
Unidata : Realtime data from IDD
VEMAP : Vegetation/Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project