We're planning to retire the Community Data Portal (CDP) after nearly 15 years of service. The most active datasets will be migrated to the Climate Data Gateway website. We tentatively plan to shutdown the CDP service by Jan 31, 2018. Please contact us with questions or concerns.

Gateway to Data for the Geosciences

The Community Data Portal (CDP) is a collection of earth science datasets from NCAR, UCAR, UOP, and participating organizations.

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The Community Data Portal is led by NCAR's Computational Science and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL). Support is provided through NCAR's Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Initiative (CSI) and is a collaboration among NCAR, UCAR, UOP, and the National Science Foundation. The technology base for this effort is also a collaborative effort, combining contributions from Unidata, NOAA/PMEL, DLESE, OPeNDAP, OAI, and NASA. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

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